Welcome to Trinity County Brewing Company
Trinity County Brewing Company is a brewery and pub located in Weaverville, CA. We create high quality, full flavored craft beer and locally sourced, enjoyable food. Through great beer and food, we promote community and place that encapsulates the timeless pioneering spirit of Trinity County. We are scheduled to begin operations by Summer 2019.  

Vision of Three Pioneers

Trinity County Brewing Company (TCBC) is a new 7-barrel brewery and pub located in Weaverville, California, with a focus on pioneering high quality, full flavored craft beer and simple, locally sourced, enjoyable food to be served in a friendly, community focused, “campground” atmosphere at our Trinity County Brewing Company Public House.

From West Coast IPA to Deep Dark Porters, our initial craft beer portfolio will include ten wide-ranging ales. As the company grows, we will expand the brewing capacity and the diversity of ales in our brewing selection, building our self-distribution capacity to local businesses in our region. Trinity County Brewing Company is scheduled to begin operations by  Summer 2019.

Trinity County Brewing Company is a unique company in that its goal is, not only to distribute simple and full-flavored craft brewed beer to our region, but to create a welcoming sense of community and encapsulate Trinity County’s pioneering spirit.

Our mission is to utilize high quality, full flavored craft beer and locally sourced foods, to build community and a sense of place.

Feel the
Pioneering Spirit

Partner, mad beer genius, and master brewer. Neil worked as Head Brewer at an awesome, high quality, startup company in California and has been creating his own artisan recipes for the last 7 years. He is an avid naturalist, enjoys backpacking and telling stories of his adventures. He met Jacob during their adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Jacob has always been one to seek out adventure and the unknown. He's hiked  over 2500 miles from the Mexican border to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, and backpacked and biked throughout the Himalayas and Thailand; he funded his adventures through commercial fishing in Alaska and distributing/driving bread and beer. Through his experiences he’s gained life-long lessons and learned quite a bit about manufacturing, distribution, sales and beer.
Shiloe found his love of craft beer during his road trips throughout Oregon and into Montana, bringing back brew like Moose Drool Brown Ale to share with his family and friends. After spending over 15 years working in resource conservation and management and a life-transforming experience, he decided he wanted to pursue opening his own brewery in his hometown, helping bring industry, fun and beer to Trinity County.